Joining Affinity

Meeting You...
We like to meet all members joining Affinity. Our meeting with you normally takes place at your home, at our offices in London, or at a mutually convenient location.  It is an informal and relaxed occasion that helps us to understand how best to help you in your search for a new partner. This takes the form of a discussion and together we also complete the questionnaire which will form the basis of your profile.
Chemistry Factor
You will then fill-out the 90 point Chemistry Factor which helps us to understand your personality, plus the qualities which you seek in a partner.
Next, we take a quality digital photograph of you, which we will use on your profile that others will see, but only when you are matched with them.  We always bring a good camera when we meet you.
There is a further option for a Professional Photographic session, which will further enhance your matchability and appeal to the opposite sex. Many of our members have benefitted from this
Some people prefer to use a favourite snapshot which we can always scan. However, it must be a very sharp and well lit picture, which shows your face in the foreground without shadows or blurring. This is essential to make you look your best on your profile.
ID Verification
For the safety of all members, we ask all new joiners to show us a Photo ID and Proof of Address when we meet you. This one simple safety measure ensures that everyone who joins Affinity is who they say they are.
If you decide to join us, we can accept payment by Debit Card, Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD only), Bank Transfer or Cheque.
Getting up and running
After you have joined us it normally takes about a week for us to draft your profile; we will then send or email it to you for your approval.  If anything needs refining then just tell us and we will agree the changes.
Once approved, we start the matching process on your behalf.