Why Affinity? If you are a single person in the London and the South of England you live in one of the most populated environments in Western Europe - people are all around, so why should you need help meeting a partner? The answers to this are several....

More people often makes for a less friendly atmosphere, and people are often suspicious of strangers. Working environments today often don't encourage social contact, or you may work in a solitary or single sex profession.

You may have moved from another area of the country, so you have few friends in the area.

You like to keep business and social life seperate, quite sensible really - there's nothing worse than having to continue working with a failed romance at the next desk.

All your friends and colleagues are married or attached, so there is no 'natural' introduction to a new partner though them.

You are recently divorced, widowed or have come out of a long relationship, so find being single again a bit bewildering.

The list could go on and on.....

The point is that there are many reasons why ordinary people may need some help in finding a partner.



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