How we operate

We are first and foremost a personal service introduction service. However, we could not achieve some of the things we do without the use of information technology to assist.Tropics for two!

We use a bespoke Database System designed especially to hold both information on our clients preference and history, and full details of all introductions that have been made for them.

When we perform matching for our clients against our database, we use the computer to satisfy those criteria which are mandatory. For example if you dont want to meet a smoker, then no smokers will be presented to you, or if you wish to meet someone who has no children, this will also be taken care of by the computer. We call these Mandatory Matching Criteria, and are taken from the profile information that you provided to us, usually upon joining.

The majority of the decision process regarding whom to match you with is a matter of personal attention by our staff. We make a judgement based on knowledge we have gained at your joining and in conversations thereafter, in order to make the best matches possible according to the service-level you joined on.

As an Affinity client, all you would normally see of this are the profiles mailed to you. We can also e-mail profiles to you in PDF format if you wish.