Our classic service Service Description £850 for one year of membership  
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Affinity standard offers you a quality introduction service that targets the right type of people on our database and provides accurate matching using the best of IT and personal attention.
Our membership comprises:

We will meet you to prepare your personal profile.  This will highlight all of your best qualities in order to interest potential partners. We can take a studio quality photograph to accompany your details using digital technology; this will allow you to preview and select your pose.
We combine our personal approach with computer selection techniques to match profiles from our extensive membership database, and we also use our 90-point ‘Chemistry Factor’.   This is an analysis based on the psychology of relationships, which will produce a picture of both you and your needs in a partner.  This will be given to you at our offices, to complete with the assistance of one of our consultants.  In our view this is the key element in a successful relationship.
When you join us at Affinity, we will provide you with both Suggested Matches and Confirmed Matches.  Suggested Matches are profiles of the opposite sex for your initial approval. Confirmed Matches are profiles of those members that have already said they would like to get in contact with you. These will have contact details included. This means that every person you ring will be anticipating your call.
We aim to provide an absolute minimum of 10 such introductions per year’s membership at your request, but remember you are likely to receive many enquiries from people who want to meet you.
In our dealings with you, all communication will be kept strictly confidential.  We will also verify the identity and address of all persons joining Affinity. We will not allow members or anyone outside our organisation, to browse through profiles, thereby breaching confidentiality.
We believe that Affinity Standard is an excellent level of membership for many people. Those considering Standard should also consider the Premium service which provides added value.