Our higher level service with extended membership. Service Description £1150 for two year's membership  
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Affinity Premium is our higher-level service which provides extended membership and additional benefits.
For the small additional cost over and above the Standard level you will receive double the length of membership (24 Months), a minimum of 12 guaranteed matches and up to 12 Months “on hold” time.
The On Hold facility allows members to stop the clock on their elapsed membership time and reactivate later.  This is very useful for periods when you may be unavailable or when starting a new relationship and wish to see how things go.
And, don’t forget: you receive a £50 discount on your Premium Level membership if you join us at the first interview.
If you join us at Premium Level then you will receive priority matching before members at lower levels. Your Premium Level membership will ensure that you receive profiles of new joiners matching those particular requirements before lower level members. While we generally have ample membership and a constant influx of new people, this membership level may be of advantage to you if, for example, you wish to meet someone who is in a limited geographic area or in a particular profession. 
Personal reviews are a great way to keep in touch during your membership. Of course we will talk regularly on the phone, when you give us feedback from the matches we produce for you, but nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. During your Premium Level membership period you may come in to see us for two free one-hour discussions. This facilitates a free exchange of opinions on how things are going with your membership. We will discuss the people you have met, and make any necessary changes to your profile and requirements and maybe take a new picture. This keeps your membership ‘current’ and fresh and allows us to do our best for you. If you are busy person and haven’t the time, there is no obligation, but the facility is there should you need it.

We believe that Premium level is the ideal membership for many people. It offers you excellent value for money and gives us the scope to provide you with the introductions you need.