Service Description    
  Our Service for non-UK residents    

This service is a bespoke matching service for clients who reside outside the UK for all or part of the year, and would like to receive introductions from potential partners within the UK.
Since its inception in 1999, Affinity has often received enquiries from overseas residents. In our globally mobile society this interest in forming international relationships continues to grow.  For this reason we introduced the Affinity International service in 2014, which caters specifically for non-UK resident members wishing to meet a partner currently resident in the UK.

The Affinity International service is equally suited to people seeking to move to the UK under the right circumstances; or those who wish to meet a partner who may be interested to move abroad to their country; it is also suited to those who maintain multiple residences globally.
We will source suitable matches for our Affinity International clients from a combination of our existing membership plus the results of targeted external searches and headhunting.
Like our Focus membership, this is a bespoke matching service, with the following key points:-

We believe that Affinity International is a unique and affordable service for International Professionals. We look forward to welcoming you as a new and valued client.

£1900 for two years membership

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