Focus - our top level of service Service Description £1650 for two years membership  
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If you know you want only the best from us, then Affinity Focus is for you. If you have a high-profile lifestyle, or are extremely selective about the people you wish to meet, then Focus is the answer.  This service is our highest level of service and is about quality of matches not quantity. We will do our utmost to find that very special and unique person who will fit with your life and lifestyle
Affinity Focus and provides you with a targeted partner search to suit your specific requirements.  Rather than being a reactive service, it is pro-active, in that we search outside our existing membership for suitable matches for you. We will implement a tailor-made search program to ensure that you have the maximum potential to meet the partner that you need. With Affinity Focus we go that one step further than a regular introduction service to target the right people in the best possible way. How do we do this?

With an extended membership of 24 months and up to 24 months on hold if required, you have the flexibility to use the Focus membership as best suits you, when it suits you.
Personal reviews are a great way to keep in touch during your membership. Of course we will talk regularly on the phone, when you give us feedback from the matches we produce for you, but nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. Focus membership allows you to benefit from these meetings as and when required at no extra cost.
Obviously this level of personal attention will cost a little more, and we recognise that it’s not for everyone. But if you are a discerning person for whom only the best will do, then Affinity Focus could be for you. So, why not give us a call and we can discuss how we can focus on finding your new partner.