A New Beginning After Bereavement


A Special Situation

At Affinity we understand that the situation of a person who has been widowed is very different to that of people who find themselves single again for other reasons.

Most people who have suffered the loss of a partner have to wrestle with conflicting emotions of, on the one hand, loyalty to their former partner and their lives together, and on the other, their own desire to give some new meaning and focus to life. 

This is in direct contrast to the feelings of the divorced and separated, who often consider their previous relationship with feelings of bitterness.

We also found that those who have been widowed often find common ground and the basis for a new relationship with someone of the opposite sex in a similar situation.   Both will usually understand that a new partner is not a replacement for a lost spouse; rather he or she can be the start of a new chapter in life that compliments the past and does not seek to destroy or invalidate those former years.

Practical Matters

On a practical level, those who are widowed will often understand existing financial or other obligations to family members, and these ties are less likely to cause conflict if you are both in the same situation.

Of course it is not a hard and fast rule that the bereaved should never attempt a new beginning with someone who has divorced, and indeed many such relationships have succeeded. However, our approach at Affinity would be to first match you with those in a similar situation, or with those divorcees whom we believe have the necessary sensitivity and appropriate attitude of mind to understand the difference.

Joining Us

At Affinity we appreciate that dealing with any Introduction Service may seem a strange and alien concept to start with, but we hope you will soon feel at ease in dealing with us.  Upon joining we will simply meet you for  a friendly chat, fill in a our simple questionnaire together, and take your photograph.  We will prepare your profile and send it for your approval.  From that point on you will receive the profiles of others that we match you with and with your permission we will then exchange contact details. The whole process is simple, efficient, and totally confidential.

You do have to take the first step however, and that is to call us for a chat to learn more, and arrange a time to come and talk to us.  Why not do it today?

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